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Regular servicing maintains your Suzuki's long-term reliability and safety, which is why we specify a Distance Travelled and/or time interval, whichever comes first. Our expertly trained technicians not only use the latest Suzuki servicing equipment, but also have access to the latest information and training on Suzuki products, to keep your Suzuki operating in peak condition.

So don't jeopardise the reliability and safety of your investment by allowing it to be serviced by someone who lacks the equipment and training that only Zupps Aspley Suzuki's service department can offer. If you do use a local servicing centre, please consider that a subsequent failure may not be covered under warranty if the failure is proven to be a direct result of sub-standard parts or inadequate/incorrect servicing or repairs. Remember, your Suzuki Service Manager is always happy to answer any questions about your car and its specific needs. Make sure you bring it back to the Suzuki experts.

Why Service With Zupps Aspley Suzuki?

With Suzuki’s all new capped price servicing and new car warranties you know that we can maintain your new car and its re-sale value, whilst giving your car special Suzuki love and care.  Brisbane's leading Suzuki Dealer is here to help, so please contact us if you have any queries at all.   

Our RACQ approved facility is authorised to perform warranty  repairs on all Suzuki models and is prepared to give you these unique service benefits, which include:

  • Genuine Suzuki Parts, covered by nationwide warranty, are used in all our repairs and servicing.
  • Expert technicians with full Suzuki training.
  • Competitive pricing offering you value for money.
  • Conveniently located near public transport, or enjoy our customer care lounge, or alternatively take advantage of our low-rate hire vehicles.  We are just 15 minutes from Brisbane's CBD.

We specialise in Suzuki models however, our highly qualified technicians can carry out repairs and servicing on all car makes and models. So you can bring in your other car models to the Zupps Aspley team knowing we will do the right thing by you. We pride ourselves on supplying the best Suzuki service Brisbane has to offer.

Don’t forget to check our Service Specials for current offers and great savings on a range of aftercare products and service packages.

Service To Receive Free Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assist cover extends beyond Queensland; we’ll provide nationwide assistance if your car won’t start or breaks down. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Services covered by Roadside Assist

Our friendly service team will come out to assist you wherever you are when you breakdown. Included in your Zupps Roadside Assist are the following services:

  • Vehicle towing. If your car breaks down we will try to recover it, or tow you to the nearest Zupps service centre.
  • Replacement batteries. If your car has a flat battery we’ll jumpstart your engine or arrange a replacement battery.
  • Tyre changing. We’ll change your flat tyre using your spare or tow you to the nearest Zupps service centre.
  • Re-fuelling. We’ll provide you with assistance if you run out of fuel when you're on the road.

How to register your car

Visit us for your next service and receive your free Roadside Assist card that entitles you to 6 months breakdown assistance.

Excellent service experience for the Suzuki GV. On time and everything explained and all extras checked prior to proceeding. Arrived back early to collect vehicle before they could complete wash and clean. Promised to make a note to ensure it happened next time. Great team to match great new premises.

- Reg K.

Suzuki Car Care Tips

Suzuki Car Care Tips

Check Your Tyres

Tyres are a safety feature and are the only point of contact between you and the road. The correct tyre pressure is important, as this could affect the performance of your vehicle as well as increasing fuel consumption if the tyres are at the incorrect pressure. You will find your vehicle's tyre pressures in your owner's handbook.

Suzuki Car Care Tips

Check Your Lights

See and be seen! For legal as well as safety reasons, you should check all your vehicle lights regularly. A failed light bulb does not cost a lot to replace, but it could result in an expensive fine. Your local Dealer will be able to replace your light bulb for you in no time.


Check Your Engine Oil

To avoid any damage to your engine in between services, it is important to check your engine oil level and maintain it at the correct level. Every engine consumes oil and keeping yours topped up is easy. But do take care not to put too much in, as this can damage your engine just as much as having too little. Contact your local Dealer if assistance is required with checking your levels, which engine oil to use or for any offers on engine oil.

Tips 2

Check Your Wipers

Good visibility whilst driving is a must. Sunlight, ozone, oil and dirt all act to cause wiper blade rubber to deteriorate. This results in wiper blade noise, and juddering. Keep your screen wash bottle topped up with good quality screen wash to get rid of bugs in the summer and prevent frozen washer jets in the winter. Contact your local Dealer for further details.

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